Since the release of the initial version of Facebook Photo Downloader back in January, we’ve received some valuable feedback from our users and friends. We listened, we responded, and best of all, we took action.

Within weeks, we’ve worked hard to fix the bugs and tried our best to make this extension even better. With Facebook Photo Downloader 2.0, we have made quite some improvements.

Here are the details.

Added Multi-Language Facebook Support

Our latest update adds comprehensive support for different Facebook “Photos” pages across different languages.

With multi-language support for different Facebook versions, users can now use our extension in their preferred language, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

Improved Download Speed

We’ve significantly improved the download speed of our software. In the initial version, users experienced longer downloading time, but we’ve worked tirelessly to enhance this aspect. 

Now, downloading 100 photos takes approximately 2 minutes, assuming your internet connection is not too slow. 

Whether you’re downloading your own Facebook photos or your friend’s photos, we ensure that you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying what matters most.

Fixed Some Technical Bugs

Following the initial launch, we received some negative feedback – mostly highlighting various bugs and errors. In response to this, our latest update includes comprehensive bug fixes that enhance the app’s functionality.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, we’ve undertaken more than just basic enhancements, we actually identified and resolved numerous technical issues that were impacting the performance of our software. 

While each fix may appear minor on its own, collectively, they constitute a substantial improvement in both reliability and user satisfaction. 

We recognize that even the smallest of glitches can disrupt user experience, with this update, you can interact with our software extension with renewed confidence, assured by our ongoing efforts to refine and advance its core capabilities.