Recolor Links

Elevate web accessibility by changing the color of visited links. Enjoy a better web browsing experience with a better color contrast for all users.

100% free. Note: our extension only supports Google Chrome.

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Excellent Enhancement for Color Deficient Users

Find it hard to distinguish between several different colors? No problem. Recolor Links allows you to choose the best color vision that fits your visual needs.

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Change Link Colors in Search Engine Result Pages

Just turn on the switch on Color Links, and you’ll see the colors of your visited and unvisited search results on Google change instantly. No need to even refresh the SERPs.

Change The Colors of Visited Links on Any Website

Want to change all the visited links on your favorite websites too? Recolor Links can help as well. It supports all websites like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.

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Remember Sessions

Even if you refresh the page or restart your computer, your color preferences will not be lost.

Customize Colors

The extension allows you to save your preferred hex colors so you can easily switch as you like.

Easy to Disable

Working on a shared computer? Just turn the switch off and all your link colors will be back to normal.

This is the best extension I’ve ever installed. Web designers and developers in big companies ignore color-blind people. I can finally tell the difference between visited links and unvisited links!

– Chuck

Love this little extension. It kind of opens a new world for me while surfing the internet. The “Custom Color” feature is awesome, I can select the best color combinations I want for visited/unvisited links.

– Penny

Where is the donation button? I am so grateful that I found this extension. You won’t believe it when I found it hard to tell the difference between the default link colors in Google. Thanks for making this free tool.

– Scott