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58 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows & macOS

Mice are nice but they tend to represent the long way of doing things on a computer. Whenever you want to perform an operation you have to drag across the screen to click on an icon. Sometimes you might have to click through a few windows to get where you’re going....

What is Leading in Typography?

The world of typography can be a complex place for new graphic designers, and many people are put off by all the new types of jargon and terminology that they have to learn.  As a result, some beginner graphic designers ignore typography and focus exclusively on...

What is an INDD File & How to Open It

Specialized file types are everywhere these days, and it can be difficult to keep track of every random acronym out there. Each program seems to have its own special file format with a custom extension, and some programs even have multiple types!  To help clear...

How to Recover Excel Files Not Saved

Excel does have an autosave feature that runs in the background. It saves temporary copies of your file in a different location at regular intervals.