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iMyFone AnyTo

Aaron Weismann

Features: The main feature didn’t work as advertised. Ancillary features also don’t perform well
Pricing: Priced high for a niche product, especially where it doesn’t work as advertised
Ease of Use: Not generally easy to set up and use as advertised
Support: Lackluster support and no transparency around glaringly obvious issues


iMyFone AnyTo is a niche program that works. The niche is that iMyFone AnyTo is GPS spoofing software designed to obfuscate an iOS or Android device’s GPS location. In short, it makes the phone think you’re somewhere else. By extension, apps that use GPS location also think you’re somewhere else. 

I get the appeal of this, especially for mobile gamers or people who want to tag things with GPS locations where they aren’t. I don’t get the price tag for what seems like a novelty. The $19.99 per month MSRP or $59.99 per year MSRP is steep. The $119.99 MSRP on the lifetime plan seems absurd. 

It’s especially absurd when the software is incompatible with the devices it’s sold for.

What I Like: Some of the AnyTo features are so badly implemented they’re humorous to use.

What I Don’t Like: AnyTo didn’t work out of the box on the device for which it was purchased, despite being marketed to do so.

Can iMyFone AnyTo be Trusted?

I can’t think of a reason not to trust the software. It didn’t work as advertised but doesn’t appear to be malware.

Is it Safe to use iMyFone?

I think iMyFone AnyTo is safe to use. It didn’t appear to have embedded malware or do anything other than modify GPS location.

How many times can you use iMyFone AnyTo?

The iMyFone AnyTo license accommodates unlimited use for up to five different devices.

Can I use iMyFone for free?

iMyFone AnyTo offers free limited functionality including location identification and directions.

Why Trust Me for This Review

Hi! I’m Aaron. I’ve built a successful career out of my technology hobby and love tinkering. I used to be a lawyer and worked on both forensics and e-discovery matters as a part of that. 

While I support my friends’ and family’s IT apparatuses, I haven’t materially encountered GPS spoofers doing that support. These are niche products and scratch a very specific itch. 

Still, I think the purpose GPS spoofers serve is fun. They don’t obfuscate location like a VPN–which doesn’t even obfuscate location locally on a device with a GPDS radio–but they do fool most consumer-grade apps. 

Detailed Review of iMyFone AnyTo

iMyFone AnyTo is GPS spoofing software with some added value, but not much. There are three things you can do with the software, punctuating how niche it is.  

I’ll compare the free options to the paid option. I’ll also provide some of my opinions about it!


Of the three options, this is one of two options included with the free version. AnyTo will provide your location. It will even provide GPS coordinates! 

Where every mapping tool available today provides your current location, it makes sense that AnyTo would as well. 

My personal take: AnyTo provides your location for free. So too do Apple Maps and Google Maps. At least it also exposes GPS coordinates, which is neat if not particularly useful information most of the time. 


The Directions function of AnyTo performs interestingly. This function was obviously an afterthought and the mapping service used for AnyTo leaves a lot to be desired. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, I searched for coffee. I would have expected things near me that are coffee shops or have coffee in the name. I got things with coffee in the name thousands of miles away from me and one that wasn’t even on the same continent as me. 

I then searched for a popular coffee shop that begins with the letter S thinking that a specific coffee shop would return better results. It did not. This time none of the results were on the same continent as mine.

My personal take: AnyTo’s direction function is useless unless you have a specific address. It is entertaining to see what comes up, though. Unlike Google and Apple Maps, though, it won’t plot hilariously absurd directions to foreign destinations. 

GPS Spoofing

I used AnyTo’s GPS Spoofing functionality on an iPad that, at the time of writing this article, was on the most up-to-date version of iOS. I immediately received an error message that the iPad was incompatible with AnyTo. 

While that would usually be the end of the review–the software didn’t meet its basic purpose–I decided to go to the listed website and successfully downloaded AnyTo. I attached it to my computer, which would modify the iPad’s GPS location.  

I set my location on my computer to Central Park in Manhattan, New York City, New York. 

Testing using the Apple Weather app, my iPad recognized my location as Central Park.

My personal take: I bought the iOS version of AnyTo thinking I could use it with an iOS device. I could in only the most roundabout and inconvenient way. In my mind, because the iOS version didn’t work with an iOS device as indicated on the website, the product didn’t work. It absolutely didn’t work as advertised. 

User Experience

I want to highlight a couple of things about the AnyTo user interface and user experience. As addressed in the immediately previous section, I couldn’t use the one paid feature on my iPad without being tethered to a computer. 

That’s not indicated anywhere on the website and I feel like I was completely misled. The AnyTo sales page even says, in very big print: Fake GPS Location on iOS/Android Devices in 1 Click. That wasn’t my experience at all. 

Notable too are the gratuitous black borders around the functional portion of the app. I kept those in my screenshots to highlight how, like most AnyTo features, the design was an afterthought. I suspect the entire screen is filled on an iPhone–it was on my Android phone. 

My personal take: For $20 per month, $60 per year, or $120 for a lifetime license, I expect nothing to be an afterthought. I expect to have a polished piece of software. AnyTo isn’t that. 

Reasons Behind My Ratings

Features: 2/5

iMyFone AnyTo only worked when tethered to a computer. There was nothing on the iMyFone AnyTo website to indicate that the iOS version of the app would be incompatible with iOS. It worked as advertised when tethered. 

The only other feature of note was directions. I wouldn’t use AnyTo over any other direction app, but it was interesting to see the absurdly distant results that would pop up.

Pricing: 1/5

The prices are high, but they make sense for a niche product that works. People who need the product will pay for it, up to a point. The supplier will price at that point. That’s basic supply and demand. 

The prices don’t make sense, to me, for a product that doesn’t work and seems like it was just thrown together and published. Where the iOS product doesn’t work on iOS and isn’t formatted appropriately for iOS, the pricing is unconscionable. 

Ease of Use: 3/5

iMyFone AnyTo has three functions. Two of them operate at the push of a button, even if they don’t work well.

The one paid function doesn’t work at all and required tethering to a computer. The process to get that up and running was well-explained with screenshots. I wouldn’t call it easy for the average user, though. 

It definitely doesn’t meet the marketing statement: Fake GPS Location on iOS/Android Devices in 1 Click. If it were that easy, AnyTo would have gotten a 5/5. It may be that easy on an iPhone.

Support: 2/5

iMyFone provides average support compared to competitors with FAQs, email support, and a chatbot. 

What I would have expected from support is a statement somewhere that AnyTo’s iOS version had incompatibility issues with some versions of iOS. I’m not the first person to encounter this issue, which is demonstrated by the 2-star rating on the App Store. It’s a pretty big thing to miss, which is disappointing. 

Final Verdict

Is iMyFone AnyTo worth it? I don’t think so. AnyTo is very expensive for how badly it works, its compatibility issues, and the difficulty of getting it running. 

That being said, once you get it running, it will obfuscate your location and make your device think it’s somewhere else. If that’s something you need and you’re willing to look past AnyTo’s many issues, then this could be a good product for you.

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