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Nope! Procreate does not require wifi or internet access to be used. However, you must be connected to wifi in order to download the app. But once the download is complete, you are free to go offline and will have full access to all of the app’s awesome features. 

I’m Carolyn and I’ve been running my own digital illustration business using Procreate for over three years. I’m constantly traveling and working on my iPad on airplanes, trains, and automobiles so I am living proof that you can use this app on the go without any internet access whatsoever. 

This is hands down Procreate’s biggest selling feature for me. I have full access to every function on the app whilst being offline. This not only helps with lowering costs but also my stress levels. I wouldn’t have the freedom to work on the go if I constantly had to be connected to the internet in order to draw for 12 hours a day. 

Key Takeaways

  • You do NOT need wifi or internet access to use Procreate
  • You DO need wifi or internet to download the Procreate app onto your device initially
  • Most other drawings apps require wifi or internet for use and do not work offline

Can I Use Procreate if I’m Not Connected to WiFi or The Internet?

Yes, you can. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you as it sounds too good to be true. So here it is straight from the horse’s mouth:

There is no requirement in Procreate for a constant internet connection. You can use it the same way, with all the same features whether you’re connected to WiFi on not. The only time Procreate will require an internet connection is if you are attempting to backup or share a project to a cloud based service, making in-app purchases, or if you are updating the app through the App Store.

To be very thorough, let’s dive deeper into this response from Matt Meskell from Procreate. He specifies that the app is fully functional offline but can require internet for certain tasks:

Tasks That Require WiFi or Internet:

  • When you are downloading the app for the first time onto your device
  • When you are attempting to back up or share your work to a service that requires an internet connection such as iCloud
  • Making in-app purchases such as buying a new brush set
  • Updating the app which requires both battery and internet connection

Tasks That Do Not Require Wifi or Internet:

  • The downloaded Procreate app includes all of its features and functions


Below I have briefly answered some other questions that might be on your mind:

What other design apps can I use without wifi or the internet?

There is a small selection of design apps that have the same feature as Procreate that allows you to have full access to the app when offline. They include but are not limited to:

  • Adobe Fresco
  • ibisPaint X
  • Krita

However, most of the popular alternatives to Procreate cannot be used offline. They include but are not limited to:

What do you need to run Procreate offline?

Once you have fully downloaded the Procreate app on your iPad, the only thing you need to run it is yourself and maybe a stylus. Make sure you have plenty of battery depending on how long you plan to spend working on the app.

Does Procreate Pocket need wifi or internet?

Like many other features that they share, Procreate Pocket is also fully functional offline. The iPhone app does not require wifi or an internet connection in order to run.

Final Thoughts

Thank you Procreate for making your app fully functional offline! This means that the app can be used basically anywhere after the initial download. This opens up a world of possibilities for remote work, having a flexible work schedule, and working on the go.

Not only does it offer these great lifestyle benefits, but it also means less pull on your internet connection when fewer devices are attached. Better internet and more flexibility? I’ll take it. So are there any negatives to having your app work offline?


The simple answer is no. So you can take some solace in the fact that although you’ll have to drop a whopping $12.99 for the price of Procreate, you will have unlimited access to the app and its features 24 hours a day.